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The Star-Spangled Banner guitar sheet music

The Star-Spangled Banner
Guitar Sheet Music

in All Twelve Keys

Your download of The Star-Spangled Banner sheet music for guitar includes the melody written in all twelve keys, across the octaves, in standard notation (not tablature). You receive a total of 28 separate writings of the music. Notes and lyrics are included. The melody matches that of the audio preview.

Performance notes:

The Star-Spangled Banner has a large range for a popular song (a 12th). While this poses no difficulty for a guitar player, it can make it challenging for a singer to find a key that works well for them. One of the benefits of having the music notes to The Star-Spangled Banner in all twelve keys is that the guitarist can play in a key that matches well with a singer's range. That's one of the many reasons Filenzi gives you the sheet music in every key.

A song with narrower range is My Country 'Tis of Thee. It's range is only a 7th compared to a 12th. This enables us to write for you its music notes out in 37 different versions across the 22-fret guitar fingerboard. The Star-Spangled Banner has a larger range, so it consumes the range of the guitar faster when writing the music notes across the fingerboard. That's why we have 28 sheet music writings of this piece for you included with your purchase.

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